Prepare Your Standby Generator for Winter With the help of an Etobicoke Electrical Contractor

Prepare Your Standby Generator for Winter With the help of An Etobicoke Electrical Contractor

Winter season comes with many difficulties, and your electricity is not spared either. It’s best you get prepared for the harsh days ahead by installing and servicing your standby generator with help of an Etobicoke electrical contractor. The generator can stand in when there is electricity loss to power your home. Although modern engines seem to have improved technology, in cold, they still experience problems, and the generator is no exception.

In colder environments, the oil in the generator becomes thick and the fuel does not burn efficiently. This makes it more difficult for the generator to run when you most need lights and power. Having regular maintenance before every harsh season can go a long way in ensuring you have a generator that runs efficiently throughout.

Install a Generator

If you don’t have a standby generator make sure you install one before winter sets in. After the installation, ensure you familiarize yourself with the way it operates. This will make it easy for to run it soon you have an outage. Let an electrician install the generator and help you learn and practice how to set it up. The electrician should show you what you need to do to when the power goes off or if there is an emergency.

Do the Fuel Math Properly

When there is an emergency after a storm, you may find that fuel is in short supply. Determine the fuel needs of the generator and buy sufficient amount to take you the season. Roughly, it will take up to several gallons in a day if you are going to run the generator 24 hours. Also have a fuel stabilizer added onto the fuel in case you will have it sitting unused for more than 30 days. You don’t want to run out of fuel amidst a harsh winter month.

Have the Generator Inspected Regularly

You want the generator to function efficiently without failing, so change any serviceable parts like the fuel filters, air filters, and spark plug according to the instruction given by the manufacturer. Even when you are not using it, you may want to run the generators once a month just for about 20 minutes. This way, you will ensure that you burn off moisture, recharge the battery, and lubricate parts.Etobicoke Electrical Contractor

Have a Transfer Switch

When the main electricity goes off, you want to switch on the generator power. A transfer switch becomes handy in such moments because it isolates the power coming from the generator and the one that comes from utility lines. The switch helps to prevent overloading of the wiring, appliances, and the generators. It also prevents the backfeeding of power that could result in fatal shocks to the utility lines.

During winter you want to ensure you have a generator that can provide you with power if there is an outage. In order to ensure the generator functions efficiently, you need to service and maintain it in top shape. An Etobicoke electrical contractor may help prepare the standby generator for the winter season.

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