Commercial Electrician Wiring Tips

Commercial Electrician Wiring Tips

We’ve been working with commercial makeup in trim work and we’ve learned some things. Now it’s time for your final exam and I don’t think you expected this but we’ve got on array here a situation that is pretty complicated.

It’s actually a pretty goofy setup and you’re not going to find anything like this on a job but it’s going to be a good test to see if you understand what you were supposed to be learning.

If you can make this thing work then you’ve got a good comprehension of what it takes to do commercial makeup and trim work and become a commercial electrician so let’s take a closer look at this and see what we’re going to ask you to do.

This will be our power feed box and what we want over here we want this to be a three-way switch.We want this to be a four-way switch and right here on this side of this because we’re going to have the two gang ring here it’s going to be this half switched plug that we used earlier.

That’s what this will be in the top half we want that to be controlled by the three-way switch and the bottom half we want to be GFI protected. Our light is going to be controlled by the three-way switch and this will also be GFI protected as well down here. We want an emergency light that red light that we did okay in this box we will have a three-way switch and again this three-way lighting will be GFI protected and finally our GFI will be right here.

What we want you to try to come up with the solution that’s going to make all of these things work so try to work that out on your own right now and then we’ll come back and show you how to make this work.

Did you get it figured out? We’re going to kind of go through this step-by-step and do it a little bit slowly now we already had the green wires the ground wires put in for you let’s work from the power because when you’re figuring something like this out and how to do it that’s always a good place to start.

I just put in the power just the constant hot for right now and let me give you a little hint if you’re working from the power where is the next place where power is going to be starting from to make this display work.
So think about that and then we’ll come back to it and our Neutral we made those up because we’re done with those of this box

So we put this GFI plug in to kind of give you a hint that we’re done working in this box with a black wrap-up tape around it now that switch leg had to operate the top half of this plug.

It had to operate the light as well that means we had to have a pigtail at this junction box and here’s the pigtail and this will go to the top half of that plug and then this part of the switch leg will go to the light. Here are the two neutrals that go to the light remember must be GFI protected now we made up our hot in our neutral here because we were done with those and we also made up the light here.

We have the weight to make up the light because we need to the trap so we finished putting this all together so it’s time to see if it works the way we want it to.
Our emergency light is on so we know that our powers hooked up and that should stay on all the time so first let’s go to our deifying we’ll plug that in. Our GFI breaker is now trip so we reset it and you can see we put the clock up with the camera and it’s working.

Now the light came on because the switches are on so if we turn one of the 3-way switches the light goes off now they turn the other four-way switch it comes on three-way switch it goes off.
So we know the lights are working let’s go to this plug down here at the bottom because we made this plug GFI protected and now we can see that that plug is working.
Let’s trip our GFI breaker. The plug goes off and put it back on and our clock is working again. Now let’s go to the top this was a half switched plug and we can see that it is off  because the lights are off, which tells us and the light was on the same switch. Let’s turn on a switch the light comes on and our clock works now these are GFI protected so if we test the GFI, trip the breaker the clock goes off and the GFI breaker works and does its job turns off the clock and the light

If we reset the GFI the light comes back on and of course turn the switch off and the light goes off and the clock goes off at the same time which means the top half of this switch plug was off and again if we plug it back in here this plug works again because the GFI breaker has been reset and this was protected by the GFI and the switch has no effect on the clock working.

So, we took a somewhat complicated array and we were able to wire it up and all we had to do was think of what we needed to do, we worked from the power side to the end and it sometimes it will be very complicated to pull this wire and once again we’d like to tell you you’re not going to find something like this on the job that you have to do but if you can come up with the correct solution for something like this to be a successful commercial electrician and we think that you should be able to if you understand the principles we’ve been teaching and if you can come up with that correct solution then you can pretty much solve any problem that you’re going to find in the field.

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